What people are saying…

I got my book! It’s just arrived in time for the holiday. Wow, i looove it!! The hard cover is exquisite! I haven’t seen a cook book that methodically lay out photos of utensils, this one. Countdown to turkey day is genius idea! It will help to alleviate all the stress for the Thanksgiving hosts. I also love “Real talk, why bother?” It’s written from ur honest opinions. In my opinion, this is a compact guideline holiday cook book that comprises all essential info, easy to understand & not pretentious! I will use some of the recipes this TG. This book should appear in every household, specially newlyweds!! Congratulations! It’s groovy cook book!!

Nini L.
Los Angeles, CA

[This] cookbook came in handy this Thanksgiving. [My son] will remain [at his university] this Thanksgiving after testing positive for Covid. Mild symptoms thankfully. He and his girlfriend want to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I placed a grocery order, had it delivered and texted him pictures of your recipes. This is his first adventure.

Susan T.
Mount Holly, NJ

You can find the traditional recipes for Thanksgiving or Christmas day meals all in one place with Jessica C. Williams’ beautiful new cookbook, “Turkey Savvy.” Gorgeous high-quality, coffee table book photos will wow you, and the classic recipes are sure to please everyone in your family. Kudos to all who worked on it!

Laurie F.
Chandler, AZ

Your cookbook is absolutely fabulous. I love everything about it.

Elizabeth D.
Santa Monica, CA

So much more than a cookbook, it's being led by a kind, competent guide through the whole turkey dinner process. There’s a sturdy practicality about this guide that anticipates those nagging gaps in knowledge that swirl into a ball of anxious hesitation about Thanksgiving. She explains a bit in her book: “Growing up in a third-generation Chinese American household in Hawai'i, rice featured prominently at every meal...At the time, I didn't understand why anyone would prefer turkey...” I get this. Turkey dinner is a metaphor for the anxiety I felt as a first generation immigrant trying to fit in. I know many moms insisted on cooking that damn bird largely to make sure the kids could say they too had turkey for Thanksgiving. 😂 This book embraces this anxiety but makes me want to master a pie crust and a green bean casserole. And really just makes me drool over the photos!

Jane K.
La Crescenta, CA

I used “Turkey Savvy” for several recipes and techniques. It was so nice and convenient to have everything in one book. I didn’t need to search for various thanksgiving recipes I had collected over the years.

Maureen N.
Malibu, CA

I LOVE this cookbook!! It’s so well put together. Honestly, I wish all cookbooks/recipes could be formatted in the way you’ve done this book. Really nice...I think the book...and the way it’s formatted will take some of the stress out of cooking a meal for guests.

Karen B.
Long Beach, CA

We received the book last Friday (our mailbox is a quarter mile from the house, on the wrong side of the road for easy access, and so is seldom checked). Thanks very much. It looks TERRIFIC. We especially like the graphic design and the colors. Superb. Congratulations.

Dan N.
Bartlesville, OK

Just finished reading your book! Loved it!! I liked the way everything was laid out and the pictures were great! So amazing. Hats off to you.

Ramona C.
San Francisco, CA

Both [my husband] and I read it and found it very interesting and organized. It looks like much effort was put into it with beautiful pictures and fun sidebars. Quite fun reading. [However], as an Asian, I need to have rice! We either make jook or Turkey soup the next day. Thanks for a fun and instructive book.

Debbie S.
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. I sat down and promptly read it. I’m excited to undertake my first turkey! Love the book. ❤️

Jen C.
Severna Park, MD

So beautifully written and designed, wonderful photography, it’s got everything. I am so impressed!

Laura S.
West Los Angeles, CA

Your book makes me hungry!!! It’s gorgeous!

Laurel E.
Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much Jessica! you created an amazing book and i’m already looking forward to seeing my friend’s reaction when he realizes that he is holding a recipe for an American tradition in his hands...

Michaela W.
Greenville, SC